“Lose the training wheels, use your wings” — Downtown L.A. Art Walk Part 1

Boy have I got stories for you.

Every second Thursday of the month, when the sun is getting ready to set and Los Angeles traffic is at its best, the Downtown L.A. Art Walk gets under way. From around 6 p.m. on, you can visit dozens of galleries and take full advantage of the kooky eateries, historic eye candy, posh clubs and amusing personalities of Downtown Los Angeles.

You might pay ten or fifteen dollars for parking, but the galleries are free and the artwork seemingly endless. With everything from mannequins to paintings, the Art Walk is guaranteed to steep you deep into the whirring minds of a flurry of creative, inventive artists.

This particular Art Walk offered a tour of Downtown’s most history-infused theatres, starting at Clifton’s Cafeteria, a place whose exterior absolutely did not match its interior. Covered in grating from decades ago, the cafeteria wouldn’t seem to be covered in wilderness decorations like moose and a fishing bear.

The tour led you to the Orpheum, Tower, United Artists and various other theatres. I tagged along with a friend before we headed to the galleries and walking with wide eyes into the basement of Club 740, which was once the Globe theater. Somewhere along the way or back (I won’t disclose the location), I stumbled upon a piece of graffiti art!

But not just any graffiti art. It was a piece by none other than the well-known Revok.

A Revok piece in all its glory.

The piece is literally in a assageway that was so narrow I had to take the picture diagonally to try to get all of it. There were other pieces of graffiti in various places that night, but this was by far the best one and, of course, the one with a famous name attached to it.

The famous name.


Then it was on to the rest of the awesomeness the Art Walk has to offer.
There were various small galleries dedicated to single artists but there were also larger locales that held work from a group of artists and one place that even sold everything from jewelry to license plates.
Up there with the most engaging of the galleries of the night was the Art Walk Afterparty Exchange, which was held in what used to be a stock exchange building (you can still see the old, golden sign next to the building).

Before entering.

Here, you were greeted by a long hallway with thin trees brightly lit by colored lights. You could artists working on their pieces outside and inside the large room which displayed a good amount of interesting artwork.
**part 2 coming soon!**

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