L.A. Art Walk — Part 2

These were some of the works that were outside. Some of them were actually being crafted right in front of your eyes. The mood lighting didn’t make for that great of photo quality, unfortunately.


Moving into one large room where there was a sea of art onlookers, you could gaze at some distinctly different aesthetics displayed next to each other.

On one wall was the work of an artist named Robert Lewis Yancy III. The pieces were quite whimsical. Lady Gaga could take inspiration and create a new animal headpiece.

Right next to him were pieces with darker colors and creepier themes. Unfortunately, I couldn’t seem to find the name of the artists behind these works. They all had the same trademark look, with amusingly creepy characters and dark circles as eyes. Wouldn’t you just love to kiss this little guy?

If not, you can just ‘awwww’ over these two holding hands.

There were a few other intriguing pieces along with a girl advertising her Henna tattoo services and prints for you to take home for only $10. Nothing like a good deal. And maybe you can sell it for $100 10 years from now.

***part 3 coming soon!***

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