Woman on the Wall

Update: I actually did research later and found out this is a Retna and El Mac piece! They team up often, El Mac does the figures and Retna the background! See the pingback in the comments. 

I came across this intricate, beautiful piece on a late night drive through Hollywood. The photos are low quality because I just stuck my iTouch out the window and snapped away. I think the shadows and the darkness actually add to it an interesting way, though.

Below is a closer one so you can see more of the details. It looked like there was some sort of script-like writing around her head and then that script was also on the side of the rest of the wall. Her face is very life-like and even the hoodie gets a lot of attention, with details to make it looks wrinkled and true-to-life.

Hooray for late-night discoveries.

5 responses to “Woman on the Wall

  1. Stopping by to check out your blog, I’ve seen this mural so many times, I live nearby how funny. I think it is beautiful also, I think this artist has more murals around town. Lovely blog.

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