Small Surprise

I’d been wondering where I could possibly find an art piece on the street next. I even took a few minutes during my lunch break to scout out a place a friend had told me contained a Banksy-like piece.

But, somehow, I had no luck. And I think it’s because so far the pieces have found me.

As happened with this tiny but very funny creation.

I was parking before heading to dinner at a delicious restaurant called Mas Malo, when I noticed a peculiar something on the huge parking sign in front of my car.

One of these things is not like the other….

Can you spot it? There is a funny little sticker over the ‘A’ and when I got closer, I realized it was someone’s face!

This is a much cheaper and oftentimes easier form of street art. This was probably a photograph to begin with and it was made into sticker form. From there the creator just find cool and random spots like this one and bam! – no spray cans or stencils needed. It’s basically how Shepard Fairey got famous, except his “OBEY” piece were much larger.

It seems like eventually, the idea of having your face out there and being able to post up your art so easily just caught fire and took cities ablaze. If done successfully, it’s like being semi-famous without anyone even knowing your name. I like the facial expression on this one and the small shadows near the nose. Who knows where its maker might be!

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