Liquor Store Mascot

Obviously not every single person out there is too happy when they see a fresh graffiti piece on the wall of their new store or liquor store.

But as the history of graffiti art has shown, sometimes storekeepers actually volunteer to have the art on the side of their store. Some graffiti artists got their start walking into store and volunteering to do some sort of piece for the store owner on one of their walls. That’s how art eventually got on low-riders — graffiti artists started putting up pieces on the places where these lowriders were getting fixed up and eventually someone’s sweet rider got even sweeter.

Whether or not the store owner agreed to it, the best place to find big graffiti pieces are on the sides of stores and liquor stores. I found this piece on the side of a liquor store in South L.A.

I thought it was interesting because it’s a hybrid between just regular tagging (putting up one’s name) and also creating a cartoon (the little guy in the middle).

So whether the store likes it or not it now has a graffiti artist’s name up…

…. which looks like Rae to me (I couldn’t decipher the second name).

Along with this cute little mascot.

Who knew animals in the wild liked to play soccer?

The color were also fascinating and if you looked up close, you could see flames near the top of the letters.

Who knows how long the piece will actually last until fresh paint rollers come along but for now it’s exposed to all the thousands of people driving by.

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