Drive Down the Hill & You Will Find Art

It’s always tempting to slam on the brakes and search for a parking spot when I see an amazing piece of art.

This particular piece took some thought as to snapping a photo. I’ve spotted it on a drive down a hill but could find no way to stop and take a picture. So one evening I parked a few blocks away and made the trek up the hill to see it up close.

Naturally this made it hard to take a picture and as I was contemplating how far out on the street I could go there were cars whizzing by me. But it was completely worth it. Check out the awesome colors this artist used on the woman’s face. I love the shading that he/she used.

Speaking of which, the artist left this next to the piece….

So I looked it up and it’s a guy artist who seems to do mostly portraiture (Disclaimer: the hyperlink leads to his MySpace which has some inappropriate stuff on it).

I really admire the color choices – it really makes it unique. Who knew someone could look so good with purple skin?

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