An Alley Way is An Art Treasure Trove

The first thing that pops into most people’s head when they think about dark alleways in mystery, crime and just overall danger.

But the long walls on alleyways make it ideal for graffiti and street artists to put up some large, detailed work. And it’s obviously a conveniently hidden place.

Walking to the car late at night in Hollywood I spotted a piece of graffiti/street art (I saw that because this piece is a bit of a hybrid) and then turned the corner to find even more work. The first piece was huge and quite lifelike.

Of course the name of the artist is always important and this particular piece was apparently a collaboration between many artists, including the famous Hex.

The photos aren’t the best because it was so dark but this actually made it more magical… I could tell there was more art around the corner and when I took a picture, the flash revealed some awesome stuff.

I know for sure I didn’t catch everything but, again, alleyways can be scary places sometimes.

I liked the colors of this one and how much it popped. It just seems very happy (especially that e… it looks like it’s smiling!)

And here are more signatures!

Props to these artists for making this alleyway a little more interesting. Though perhaps not less scary.

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