Smiling Wide

Today was a day of epiphanies! One of which included a previous post I put up entitled “Woman on the Wall.” I was doing some research on Retna and realize that this is actually one of his works. It’s pretty obvious because he likes to combine portraiture with eye-challenging, intricate backgrounds. It’s just the cool style of his.

Speaking of women in street art, which seems to be quite popular, I stumbled across this stenciled piece of a girl smiling wide while I was on a walk with a friend.

It looks large in this photograph but it’s actually easy to miss. She’s just hanging out on the curb near the red section (thus the red on the bottom). I like the way that you can actually see some details, like the hair across her face, and shading, like her nose, when you look closer.

It could actually be a real person since some street artists like to use their friends as subjects for their pieces. So maybe someone you know knows someone who knows someone who knows her…? It’s not completely impossible.

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