Parking Lot Piece

Part of creating good street art is finding a good location. Like the saying goes, right? Though that has to do with something completely different.

The point is, you have to stay hidden (if the art is illegal) and put it somewhere mysterious enough where it’s cool but visible enough where everyone can actually SEE how cool it is.

This piece was in a small parking lot near a store on a random street. So a pretty good location.

It’s interesting to see how the colors chosen for the tag, the name of the graffiti artist which I’m assuming this is, make it look almost as if it could’ve been with the giant pencil at the bottom. That being said, there are some awesome little details when you look closer. The colors are used to make the letters look pretty three-dimensional and you can even see a sparkling star-like something shining at the bottom of the C.

The stars actually show up in a few spots, and it’s interesting to see how the artist even included a wooden post and some grass. It’s pretty humorous considering you see this in a concrete parking lot.

Like I said, it’s all about location! Where these artists choose to put their work up is just as important as what they choose to put. When graffiti artists first started putting their work on surfaces like the bridges over freeways, they called these difficult-to-reach spots ‘heavens.’ But graffiti and street art are everywhere, really. It’s just a matter of keeping your eyes open.


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