Art with a Message

I always admire artists that use their preferred medium to deliver a powerful message.

This piece is no exception and I think the color and details create an absolutely stunning whole.

The colors are bold and the way that the artist incorporates the lighter color into the bold red really makes it eye-catching. It’s interesting that the artist chose Jimi Hendrix and Che Guevara — they are almost completely different figures but I suppose in their own way they strove to bring some sort of peace?

But just looking at the art, there  are some awesome little details, like the swirls around the peace sign. If you look closely there are little things like birds meshed into these twirling lines.

And the figures on the bottom are also really intriguing. I suppose they are filled in so they can represent almost anyone and it’s interesting because they seem almost universal and eerie at the same time. The artist also chose to include animals!

Making an art piece with a political message is always risky but in my opinion there is nothing more admirable and essential than striving for peace. And now this wall is the canvas for a bold piece of art, not only in its statement but in its aesthetic.

2 responses to “Art with a Message

  1. I like art with message that is clear, not obscure mambo jambo like “woo look at this black dot! It means unfulfilled love in this cruel world!”

    That was quite a brilliant art. I feel like I’ve seen it before.

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