Art Remedies Any Gloomy Day – Part 2

I’ve got more awesome pieces to share! In the first part of this post, I explained how I found two whole walls covered with awesome pieces. The walls belonged to a car repair business and I found out through strangers walking on the street that the works are done with the permission of the business owner.

Which means more time for the artists (since they don’t have to worry about getting arrested) and more awesome art!

A lot of graffiti art pieces are meta-artistic (if that’s not a term, I deem it one now) and reference something about graffiti art. This artist decided to give life to a spray paint can.

Check out the freaky mouth on that thing….!

Even the slime itself is quire detailed…

I couldn’t find any info about this artist based on the signature but it’s a pretty straightforward one.

There was another character that was also spray painting, though this once was cuter and wasn’t spraying slime.

It looks like this one was also done by K4P.

There was also an interesting symbol at the top that almost looks like an ‘@’ sign.

I like the way that the actual spray paint has little eyes. Symbolic, perhaps?

Out of all the pieces I was most excited to come across a Cache creation. He’s a Guatemalan street artist known for frequently including chickens in his works. He’s been in shows at museums and galleries as well.

I know the word ‘cute’ is not probably not what a male graffiti artist would want his work to be seen as but look at those cute chickens! I think the color really make them playful as well. His color choice definitely helps set his work apart.

He also has a cool signature…

Any good graffiti artist will also take advantage of or work with the surface they spray paint on. I think it sets your art apart when you really integrate it into the surroundings, which all these artists did. I especially appreciated how Cache incorporated the corner of the building into his piece.

As usual, it pays to keep an eye out. You never know when your local auto store might turn out to be a hot spot for a number of artists.

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