Never, Never Give Up

It’s been TOO long since I last posted and my last post made it onto Freshly Pressed!! Huge thanks to WordPress and to everyone that stopped by to comment. I love seeing how much everyone else loved the post — the whole point of this blog is to expose people to some great art and I was elated to see so many people really digging the Santana piece.

It’s been some of the most interesting, stressful, reflective weeks of my life by far and with strep throat on top of everything, it’s been tough to update!

But I’m just making excuses, I know. I still have stuff to share and keep coming across some great piece SO this blog is going nowhere and it will hopefully keep going strong!

A friend told me about a piece a while back and I stumbled upon it when buying some good ‘ole Starbucks.

It’s a little Banksy-like from a distance but this was obviously not done with a stencil, as most of Banksy’s works are. Also, there are plenty of colors. From the details and the huge space (it’s quite a big work!) it’s also very likely that the piece was done legally, not illegally. Notice the door on the left — I suspect the space is actually some sort of gallery. Talk about a cool entrance.

I figure this was a fitting piece. Life has been a little complex lately and I know everyone on the blogosphere probably hears generalizations from one blogger or another but I’d like to think that the above piece means something. I’ll definitely try to never, never give up.

6 responses to “Never, Never Give Up

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  2. I have a picture of this piece I took it a few yrs ago in la across the street from Burger King, I still can’t find who did it but its awesome

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