Animal is Man

I ventured out to find MOCA one day with a couple of friends and we got terribly, terribly lost. The type of lost where you end up walking through one of the most frightening tunnels in Downtown Los Angeles – twice. I unfortunately have a knack for getting lost but I like to think street art has a knack for finding people in the least expected places.

Like above a porta potty in a parking lot. 


Just a head floating in the corner of the wall, no big deal. If you take a closer look, apparently the words ‘animal is man’ are written on the figure’s forehead.


The lower left corner of it also looks like it has the artist’s name which I can hardly decipher but is something like “Misterizzo.” Interestingly enough, I remember seeing the same slogan on another piece that was Guy Fawkes’ face. That one was in an impressive spot on a ramp of a freeway. Not that this location isn’t admirable too – the piece was up pretty high on the wall. It’s an interesting piece and I like the details like the wrinkles on his face and the shadows around his chin. It’s cool to see that the horns are also in a different color. Whether we’re supposed to take it as serious or humorous, it’s a fun piece to see anyway. 

Sometimes getting lost isn’t too bad. And if it gets me more picture of street art, I’m willing to compromise.

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