Blu’s Wacky, Intriguing Video

So this is a little different from my usual posts but why not try something new?!

Which in this case means… video!

There is an awesome new video out by the artist Blu. It’s nearly 7-and-a-half minutes of trippy, creative, mind-boggling scenes. Apparently this was ALL done on the walls of Buenos Aires and Baden. That means Blu took who knows how many hours creating all his art on walls – inside and outside – in order to animate that art into one seriously wacky video.

If you haven’t heard of him before, Blu is an Italian artist who started out as a graffiti artist but now works in other mediums as well. His work has invaded walls all over the world, from Germany to Central American to the United States. In fact, there was a bit of controversy when Blu created a mural on the wall of the Museum of Contemporay Art’s Geffen Contemporary Museum in Los Angeles that featured coffins draped with dollars bills. The piece was apparently not approved of and the mural was painted over, much to fans’ dismay.

But Blu did get away with the work he made on these walls and the result is the video below that you get to enjoy. It’s interesting to see street art, animation and video bundled up into one – maybe it’s the start of a new street art movement? If so, this is going to be hard to top.

Sound off on what you think about the vid and Blu. I’m curious to hear your opinions.



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