Between a Palm Tree & a Produce Store — Sand One

As fun as it is to have there be mystery around a piece of street art – some of them aren’t signed in any way – it’s nice when you get the artist’s signature right under any given piece of street art.

A casual stroll on Fairfax gives you plenty of opportunities to spot some street art and on this particular walk, I was snapping away like a frenzied, overly-excited tourist. Behind a huge palm tree and on the way of the Three Amigos produce store, I found this particular gem.

I love the girl’s eyelashes. I’ve seen that style on other walls, too and it always amazes me, especially on a wall this big! This particular gal’s also got some awesome hair that curls all the way down to the bottom of the wall. Even her big pink lips have spots with white that make them look more realistic.

And interestingly enough, this artist had both her name and website on the her piece. She’s a great artist that’s created some really awesome works and when I looked through other pics in my handy memory card, I came across another piece she did on the side of a bar in Culver City. Any good street artist gets their name across the city- that’s how you know they mean business. Sand One is no exception.

This girl is equally detailed and I’m loving her long nails and the bottle she’s holding. Female artists usually get that bad wrap about making ‘feminine’ art but I love Sand One’s pieces but they are somehow feminine, gritty, humorous (the XX bottle is pretty witty) and eye-catching.

I can’t remember where I spotted this next one, but the style is very much hers.

Just further evidence that girls can rock the streets too. Check out her website to shop for handbags, shirts and more that rep her street art. Oh, and to make her even more legit, I found an interview on Laist from 2011 that talks about her having a lot of art up around Los Angeles at the young age of 19. You’re never too young to start!

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