A Nice Nod from a Fellow Blogger

Every time I log back in, I give you guys (you there, sitting, standing, walking, reading) an excuse for why I haven’t posted in a while. And every time it’s a little generic and vague.

So, are you out there? Do you care to know why it’s been so long? Are the pics worth it, is the writing good enough?

Any blogger must/has/will have insecurities like all of the above so it’s nice when I get a little nod from someone, especially people who have successful blogs that I admire.

So big THANK YOU to Modes of Flight Blog for the recent nod – I’ve been giving the Universal Blog Award on this page’s behalf (aka UBA) and have to adhere (have to because I decided not to be more creative) to the following rules:


3. Identify the top 2 family members who have greatly influenced your life (names or other titles are acceptable, even if they’re pets).

4. Identify the top 2 non-family members who have influenced your life (you may have personally been in some form of contact with them or are only familiar with them through popular media).

5. State what you believe would be the worst thing to happen to mankind, and what you will personally do to initiate the effort to prevent or control that issue.

6. State what you believe would be the greatest thing to happen to mankind, and what you will personally do to initiate the effort to achieve that goal (big or small; whatever is within your power to commit to every day from this point onward).

7. Nominate 7 other blogs to receive the award (why 7, because it’s the rounded mathematical average of 5, 10 and 7), and tell them that you’ve nominated them.

So here goes:

1. My mom and dad

2. (this one is SO tough, but this is them at the moment) Randall Roberts and my entire high school

3. I think the worst thing to happen to mankind is that we fall apart in terms of staying together. It’s obviously impossible for everyone to get along with everyone but the moment we stop trying or decide to hate each other is the moment we are really doomed. To prevent that, I always make an effort to understand people and be open to different personalities and let that be known to others. When I’m with friends, I make it clear that life is boring and wasted when you shut yourself down to others. It’s only when we’re all united that the world makes more sense.

4. I think the best thing is to realize our common humanity. It’s lame in a way, but I try to do that with this blog. I want you (the reader) to read it and like or dislike the pieces but ultimately realize that the world is a space to create. And it doesn’t matter who’s behind the spray paint can or other chosen medium. You see a piece by Herakut or Vyal or anyone and it speaks to you – there’s no barrier there whatsoever. That’s my effort – to expose people to the amazing pieces out there and to make the street a place that I think street art manage to make it – a common ground for anyone to come and go, for anyone to share an idea and for anyone to take away a true piece of inspiration.

5. Here are the blogs I nominate for the award:

1. Modes of Flight (maybe that broke the rule, but oh well)

2. Burp and Slurp 

3. The LotusLand Chronicles

4. Butterfly

5. Rodrigue Favre Photography


7. thepencilcaseproject

That is all! Happy blogging and reading to everyone.


P.S. Forgot this tidbit from the original post:

NOTICE: absolutely NOTHING will happen to you, anyone else or anything else if you chose to not follow ANY of the rules in this post. It all in good fun!


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