Mystery Wall

Over the past few months, I dedicated some time to finding hidden gems. Along the way, I naturally came across some pretty amazing pieces of street art. The best are the ones in the most unlikely of places. I sometimes stopped to think – this isn’t the easiest place to set up shop and spray paint away. One of those locations was near a very busy highway-like street where cars zipped by at pretty much illegal speeds. So basically, the last place on Earth you’d want to jaywalk.

I stayed safe across the street and snapped these pictures of a long wall with a bunch of works. It’s as if a few street artists teamed up and decided to have at it together on a random wall in a mostly industrial area. It could be just one very ambitious person but it looks like quite a few different styles to me.

It’s a long wall with a lot of colors and movement. Like someone’s crazy dream got spilled over onto the concrete. In a good way.


Not the friendliest door I’ve ever seen. Maybe it’s a good way to keep burglars at bay.


I don’t remember if I saw more tags/signatures but this was one of the clearest ones…

To the cars that whizzed past as I was snapping pictures: you don’t know what you were missing. Cheers to this big burst of creativity.

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