“Art in the Streets” Cancelled in NY

Right when I was talking about the awesomeness of the accompanying book to the art exhibit “Art in the Streets,” bad news has been revealed for New York City.

The exhibition was set to head over there after its Los Angeles run, but it has been cancelled due to lack of funds. Basically, fundraising efforts were to no avail since they couldn’t cover the cost of transporting all the art from L.A. to N.Y.

It’s a pity to some and a relief to others. What with the news that “Art in the Streets” inspired more graffiti in the surrounding Little Tokyo community.

But the fact of the matter is that New York City is a graffiti museum on its own. Ever since the beginning of graffiti art, there were kids putting their ‘bombs,’ which are now considered artwork, on subway trains. The trains traveled around the city, NY commuters saw the work and the police tried, in vain, to stop these teens from continuing to create law-breaking pieces.

So the true exhibition, of sorts, is all around NY city – and admission is free. I have yet to experience “Art in the Streets” here in Los Angeles, but I am assured it will be an experience to remember. That being said, there are probably hundreds of graffiti pieces around my neighborhood and that’s what all the excitement really is for these artists. If they wanted their work to originally be in a museum, they’d  be painting canvases.

So it’s bad news, but not entirely devastating news.

To read more about the reasons behind the cancellation, click here.