Make Your Heart Melt — Buff Monster @ Corey Helford Gallery

It’s not every day you see pink ice cream scoops with one big eye involved in all types of war-like scenes.

But that’s exactly what greeted me when I went to check out the work of street artist Buff Monster. Merging his love for Japanese culture and the color pink while taking inspiration from Renaissance paintings, Buff created some interesting and unique pieces for his solo show “Legend of the Pink Cherry.”

This guy covers almost an entire wall and is pretty much the character you see throughout the whole show. The pieces on the first floor are acrylic on wood done with airbrush – a first for the artist – and center around a common theme war and gore sprinkled with humor. I’ve never seen such adorable creatures in such dangerous situations. “Birth of a Zombie” was an especially interesting piece. There’s a lot going on in small amount of space and Buff has a great attention to detail – both the ice cream scoops and the flying creatures seem to be dripping, the cloud has plenty of shades of pink and there are even small shadows on the ground.

Same goes for “Triumph of Death.”

Look at that poor guy lying dead in on the floor with an arrow through him! So sad and funny and adorable. And violent. Pleasantly confusing.

One of my other favorites was “The Demon Tamer” because it looks very much like a Renaissance portrait.

Here are a few more shots of some of the works downstairs.

Upstairs you can see Buff’s series “Melty Misfits” which is inspired by Garbage Pail Kid trading cards.

There were also some studies of the works in the show. You can also buy a pack of the trading cards!

Who knew you could create such cute yet violent art?

This little guy just ┬ámakes me melt. I’d love to have him as my bodyguard…