Street Art on the TED Stage: The Streets As Canvas

If you love serious writing and street art, you should most definitely look into the work of G. James Daichendt. I’ve been following his scholarship on street art for some time now and I’ve noticed how much street artists appreciate their work being assessed under a different lens. While Daichendt acknowledges that vandalism and illegality can be natural parts of street art, he focuses more on what street art adds to our society as a whole. Daichendt recently gave a TEDx talk in which he explored the important of street art, especially in relation to visual art’s history. There are some really great points here and I was especially struck by the following diagram: Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 9.48.23 PM A lot of times people will debate the merits of street art not just because of its illegality but also because of its aesthetic. This diagram definitely makes for an interesting conversation starter (or debate point, so keep it in your pocket!). Also I loved the idea of looking at street art that happens on a smaller scale — something I definitely don’t do enough. Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 9.53.38 PM As Daichendt puts it, “it doesn’t always have to be big. It’s about perspective. It could be very small to have that kind of impact.” This isn’t the first TED talk on street art. Back in 2011, for example, JR gave an official TED talk on his work. But this one touches nicely upon the more universal nature of street art and why we should all care. “Think about what street art is doing. They’re bringing art to the people. And they’re fundamentally changing the way we engage the visual arts.” What are your thoughts on the talk? Any ideas for the next great street art TED talk?