Shaping Up to Be a Sticker Art Star

So I’ve done a few posts about sticker art but I’m quite intrigued by this artist mostly because I can tell he/she really wants to be found.

Because I saw about six stickers in the span of 10 minutes on a walk of only about 5 or 6 blocks.

It’s a simple sticker made up of three trapezoids stacked to create an upside down triangle in the middle. All of it is in a white circle with a black outline.

Definitely a symbol for something. Whatever it is, I kept finding sticker after sticker with every few steps I took. Someone took the time – and went to some good heights – to post their stickers anywhere a careful or even not-so-careful observer could see them. These are only a few of the ones I spotted.












Over-eager or admirably determined? You decide.

Meanwhile I’m curious to know the artist. Send me a message? If not, stay mysterious. That’s always cool too. I’ll be seeing your stickers.